DIY Ideas for Displaying Travel Mementos

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If you like collecting postcards from trips, there’s a lot of different ways you can display them. First, write a story, memory or quote from your trip on each postcard. That way when you look at it you can remember the experience you had. Also, don’t forget to write the date!  After years go by, it can be surprisingly easy to forget when and where a photo came from. Next you can either compile them into a travel journal or display them in a display case. Another idea to display postcards or even photos is this DIY photo coaster set.

Ticket stubs magnets

If you’re like me and hold onto every ticket stub from concerts and train rides, then I have a project for you. These DIY ticket stub magnets are a great way to display your travel memories! Plus, it will add some character to your fridge. Another great DIY project for tickets stubs is this loose-leaf ring keepsake. Punch a hole in all of your ticket stubs, maps or postcards and string them together with a loose-leaf ring.

Memory jar/bottle

Get a mason jar and fill it with wine corks from different wines you tried on your trip. Or fill it with sand and sea shells from a trip to the beach. Memory jars are a great way to display smaller items. Plus jars are easy to come by!

Shot glasses

One of the most common souvenirs people buy while traveling is shot glasses. If you like to do this also, then you’ve probably accumulated quite the collection. Our favorite way to display shot glasses is with one of our shot glass display cabinets. You can choose from multiple sizes, styles and wood types. All of our cabinets have a glass door and hinge to protect the contents inside.


Once you’ve finished putting together all of your mementos, place them all in a display cabinet to hang on a wall. Our curio display cabinets come equipped for wall hanging hardware or stand by themselves on a shelf or mantle. With Fine Wood Display you can also customize your own display case! 

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