Easy DIY Jewelry You’ll Want to Wear and Display

image source: rebekahgough.blogspot.com

Do-it-yourself jewelry is a popular way to accessorize without hashing out a lot of cash. It also makes for a fun project to do with the kids or with friends. Since we’ve been selling a lot of our jewelry display cabinets, we thought we’d devote a blog to helping you fill that case with original and handmade pieces! Here are 5 easy DIY jewelry projects.


Prairie Feather Necklace

Fall is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare than with a stylish feather necklace? Customize it yourself and pick out some leftover scrap fabric or pick out a piece from the fabric store. These necklaces will look just as great hanging in one of our jewelry display cases as they do around your neck. Follow this link for the easy to follow tutorial.


Fringe Earrings

Image Source: thealisonshow.com

Starting off our DIY jewelry segment are these super easy to make fringe earrings. Great for gifts or just for yourself. All you need is some fringe, ribbon clasps, earring hooks, a couple of matches, and jewelry pliers. Get the full tutorial here


Glitter Rings

Image source: buzzfeed.com

Buzzfeed isn’t just good for funny cat photos and news articles; they are actually a great resource for DIY projects. You’ll be surprised how easy these glitter rings are to make and how good they look! They’ll give your outfit just the right amount of sparkle. For a step-by-step tutorial, follow this link.



“The Magical World of Shrinky Dinks,” just got more magical!  Sure, you remember playing with a Shrinky Dink oven as a kid, but did you know you can turn the plastic sheets into sophisticated jewelry? This DIY jewelry project is great to do with the kids, so let’s get crafty! Here’s one tutorial on how to make a shrinky dink necklace. Once you start, the possibilities are endless! 


Triangle Leather Earrings

image source: hellonatural.com

Triangles are definitely a popular shape in the fashion world, which is why this DIY earring tutorial is so great. Get some scrap leather or buy a piece from the store and start making these painted triangle earrings! They look so professional, you’ll never buy earrings from the store again. They’ll also compliment one of our wall hanging display cabinets very nicely!


Woven Chain Bracelet

image source: honestlywtf.com

Last but certainly not least on our list of DIY jewelry is this woven chain bracelet. Choose bright vibrant colors for a bracelet that will pop or for a more sophisticated look try black, white or silver threads. Make two and give one to your sister or daughter. Jewelry has never been so easy to make! All you need is a curb link bracelet, thread, two bobby pins and a pair of scissors and viola! You’ve got a fashionable bracelet. See the tutorial here.



Now that you’ve gotten crafty with your jewelry, it’s time to find a display case to store them all. Our wall hanging display cabinets are a great choice for jewelry or any collection. You can customize any of our display cases and make it original, just like the jewelry you just made! Shop on our site today or give us a call for more information.

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