Father’s Day Gift Ideas: the perfect display case!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we’ve decided to dedicate this blog to helping you pick out the perfect gift! At Fine Wood Display, our wide selection of hardwood display cases makes it easy to pick out a unique gift that will last a lifetime. All of our display cabinets are constructed of solid hardwood with a glass door to protect the contents. Without further ado, here’s our guide on picking out the best Father’s day display cabinet this year!

Is he a collector?

If your dad likes to collect things, whether it’s golf balls or model trains, we’ve got the display case for him! Shop through our variety of hardwood cases that will make the perfect compliment to any collection. Some popular items include our minerals display cases and our curio wall hanging display cabinets.  The curio display cabinets are a great way to organize an office or bedroom.

Is he a marathon runner?

If your dad likes to run marathons, then we have the perfect gift for him! Our marathon medal display cases come equipped with 1, 3, or 5 hooks to hang medals on. If he just ran a big marathon in particular, like the Boston Marathon, we recommend our single hook medal display case. If your dad is a seasoned marathon runner, then our large sports medal display case is the way to go! With 5 hooks to hang from, your dad will have plenty of room to display all of those accomplishments!

Is he in the military?

If so, we have a winner! Even if your dad is retired from the military, he’s sure to have a collection of military coins. A lot of the time these coins sit in a drawer or closet somewhere, not getting the attention they deserve. That’s why our coin display cabinets are a great gift idea! Our cabinets come equipped with individual shelves that are grooved to hold coins in place. We recommend getting a felt back for the ultimate displaying experience!

Is he a spirits enthusiast?

If your dad enjoys a fine whiskey or has an impressive shot glass collection, then look no further! Our liquor and shot glass display cabinets are some of our best sellers. Choose from our large cabinets for displaying fine liquor bottles or our smaller shelved cabinets for displaying shot glasses. What about both? We highly recommend our small two shelf liquor cabinet. This display case can house 4 normal sized bottles and it includes a smaller shelf to display shot glasses. We like this display case so much, we’re calling it the best Father’s Day gift of the year!


At Fine Wood Display, all of our display cases are handmade in the USA with the finest quality hardwood. We use a durable clear finish to highlight the natural beauty of the North American hardwood. Cabinets come equipped with brass door hinges, a latch, and wall hanging hardware. For more details on our display cases or custom ordering please contact us. Don’t wait until it’s too late, pick out your Father’s Day gift today!

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