How to Preserve Your Wedding Collectibles

At Fine Wood Displays we love making custom wedding anniversary display cases to showcase your special day. Our fine wood display cases will surely stand the test of time, but what about the contents within? That’s why we’ve decided to write a blog on how to preserve your valuable wedding collectibles.


Pressing flowers: There are a couple different ways you can press your wedding flowers. First you can buy a flower press, or we recommend just doing it the old way with a phone book. All you need is parchment paper and a stack of books. Lay out your dry flowers between two pieces of parchment paper, close inside a phone book (or any other heavy book) and set a stack of more books on top. Your flowers will be pressed and ready to display in about a week!

Drying flowers: If you want to keep the shape of your flowers than we recommend drying them. You know those little packets of “do not eat” silica gel that come in just about everything? Now you have a use for them! First, fill a re-sealable container big enough to fit your flowers with a layer of the silica gel beads (about an inch).  Then immerse your flowers making sure that all of the pedals are in the beads. Seal the container and check back in about 5 days.

Aging Wine: First off, make sure whatever wine you’re trying to age is good for aging. Here’s a great infographic on which wines to age and for how long. Typically wines with high acidity and low alcohol level are going to be better to age. It’s important to keep the wine in a cool temperature room. According to Wine Folly, temperatures over 70 degrees can taint the flavor. This is why basements and cellars are great places to store your wine. Check out our liquor display cabinets for displaying your aged wine!

Preserving photos: When preserving photos make sure to keep them away from any food, liquid, or sunlight. We recommend wearing cotton gloves to prevent any fingerprints or oils to damage the photos. If you wish to include a piece of paper with a photo, make sure it’s acid free paper. If you’re preserving photos for display, like in one of our fine wood display cabinets, we recommend storing them in an archival-quality frame or photo album.

Love letters: Last but certainly not least on our list is preserving love letters. This can also be any written note or document, like your wedding vows! Good news is paper is usually the easiest to preserve. Just like with the photos, keep paper away from any food, liquid, or sunlight. First, scan letters so that you have a digital copy in case the hardcopies are ever damaged or lost. Store letters in a temperature controlled room to protect photos from any humidity. Next, unfold any letters to prevent breakage or tearing. If you don’t wish to store letters upright or flat, then you can roll the letters and save in a cardboard tube. If there isn’t already, we recommend gently writing the date on each letter with a No. 2 pencil. Lastly you can either store in an archival box or display in an archival frame or album.


Now that you know how to preserve all of your wedding collectibles, it’s time to pick out something to display them in! Choose from our anniversary display cabinets or custom-order your own. At Fine Wood Display we can create a quality hardwood cabinet just for you!

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