How to Repurpose Shot Glasses

If you have accumulated too many shot glasses and have run out of display space for them, you can either:

  1. Keep on collecting! But purchase a handcrafted shot glass display case to accommodate them all. OR...
  2. Repurpose them! Here are some great ways to upcycle your unused shot glasses.

Spruce them up!

Give your plain shot glasses some life with a bit of paint! Create a cool geometric design, celebrate with a confetti inspired theme, or do something a little more subtle by etching polka dots onto the glass. If you’re painting a design on your shot glasses, use paint that is water-based and is specially formulated for glass painting (try FolkArt Enamel)

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Candle Holder

Take  your creativity one step further and make your shot glasses  into cute tea-candle holders. Popsugar suggests using painter’s tape to create a smooth edge around the shot glass for a dipped effect, painting the glass with at least three coats of paint, and baking the shot glasses for 30 minutes in 350 degrees Fahrenheit to set the paint. After the shot glasses have cooled, fill them with colored rice or pebbles, and top it off with a tea-candle! Visit Popsugar for more detailed instructions.

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Take your DIY one step further, and create these elegant candle holders using shot glasses, a vase or a plain glass cup.

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2 for 1 Drinking Vessel: Wine and Shot Glass

A chalice for the most experienced drinkers, these Wine Shot Glasses are not only functional, but they’re also a space saver. You’ll need plastic glasses, shot glasses and clear hardware glue or epoxy (try Beacon Multi-Grip). Simply apply a thin layer of glue to the bottom rim of the shot glass and press the bottom of the shot glass to the center of the regular glass. Let it set over night, and voila! You’re now the proud owner of a Wine Shot Glass. For more detailed instructions, go to Brit + Co.


With all your newly repurposed shot glasses, you might need an extra shelf to properly display them all. Check out our handcrafted standard display cabinets or contact us about creating a custom display case for all your new glassware.  

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