How to Use Our Display Cases for Retail Display

As local artisan and craft fairs become more popular, the need for counter display cases for vendors to use increases. Being a small retailer ourselves, we understand the importance of a good product display. With our Etsy brethren in mind, we recently built this portable countertop display case that is handmade with high-quality hardwood. It got us thinking, how could we help other small retailers display their products? Alas, we decided to post a blog that shows how you can use one of our display cases at your next retail event. Enjoy!

Choose between countertop display or cabinet display

First, you have to ask yourself, how will your customers be looking at your products? Should they be looking down or at eye-level? This will help you decide if you need a countertop display case or a display cabinet that can either sit on a table or be mounted to a wall. If your inventory is big enough, you could get both and have a variety of heights and ways to display. We recommend the countertop display for smaller accessories like figurines, wallets, and watches and for jewelry like bracelets and rings. For necklaces, earrings and other jewelry, we recommend displaying in our jewelry display cabinet that has hooks for you to hang pieces from. Remember, you can customize any of our pieces to fit your specifications!

Add a lock for peace of mind

Maybe you have to step away for a bathroom break and you don’t want to leave your inventory unattended. No problem! You can add a lock to any of our display cabinets for some peace of mind. It’s also nice to have this lock when you’re setting up but haven’t opened up shop yet. It will prevent early customers from trying things on or bystanders from snagging something while you’re not looking.

Choose style

Your next choice in our ordering process is to decide what kind of backdrop you want your products to be on. This will depend mainly on your preference and what compliments your products the best. For our jewelry display cabinet we recommend getting a mirror back so that customers can see their reflection when trying something on. For the counter display case we recommend the felt back or hardwood back as it will add some texture to your collection. 

Customize to your specific dimensions

As mentioned above, at Fine Wood Displays you can customize any of our display cabinets! Whether it be size, choice of hardwood, felt type or any other request. Our goal is to make a display case for YOU and accommodate all of our customers to their own unique collections. Let us know your vision and we will make it a reality! We look forward to making a display case for your product.

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