The Evolution of Curio Display Cabinets

Ole Worm’s cabinet of curiosities. Image source: Wikipedia Public Domain 

Curio display cabinets were also known as Wunderkammer or Cabinets of Curiosity. Their origin dates back to the Renaissance era. These curiosity cabinets would house trinkets and various collectibles for the sake of collecting. Essentially, they were like a museum exhibit but in your house. Here’s a look at the evolution of Curio Display Cabinets.

Ferrante Imperato’s Dell’Historia Naturale (1599) Image source: Wikipedia Public Domain

Frans II Francken (1636) Image source: Wikipedia Public Domain

Image Source: Berlin Naturkundemuseum Korallen by LoKiLeCh | CC BY 3.0

Modern Examples of Curio Display Cabinets at Fine Wood Displays


As you can see, what once started as an entire room has now evolved into a simple yet beautiful glass display cabinet. You can find exhibits of modern curiosity display in Museums all over the world. To start your own curio display cabinet, contact Fine Wood Displays today! We’ll ship our hand anywhere in the US and love doing custom orders. 

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