Tips for Displaying Geodes

Image source: Philippe Giabbanelli | Creative Commons 3.0

One of our specialties here at Fine Wood Displays is making geode display cases. We’ve found that rocks and other minerals are a very prized and common collection in this area and so we devote our time and skills to making hanging display cases to compliment that. Whether you’re a seasoned rock hound or a beginner geode collector, here are some tips to displaying your collection.


The first step to displaying any collection is well, the collecting. Geodes are typically found in the western United States in desert areas like Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and some parts of Oregon. First, use a guide map to help you find popular geode locations. Then look for oval shaped or round rocks that have lumpy surfaces.  Once you think you’ve found one, break it open with a rock hammer to see what’s inside. If you find cool hollows filled with crystals, you’ve got yourself a geode!


There are a few different ways to clean geodes. We recommend first washing them in water with some dish soap or laundry detergent. Next you can soak them in a tub, bucket or sink of water with ¼ cup of bleach for 1-2 days. The bleach will help remove the heavy and corrosive grit. Finally, remove your geodes and give them a quick rinse with warm tap water. Grab an electric toothbrush and brush away any remaining dirt or debris. Be careful to cover small crevices and crystals. Let air dry and voila! You have a sparkly geode that’s ready to display.


Choosing the right venue for your geodes to be displayed in can be easier said than done. Sure you can stick them on a shelf or in a box but why not give them the attention they deserve? Our hardwood mineral and geode display cases are handmade and crafted to perfection. Choose from walnut, cherry, oak or maple wood to be transformed into an amazing wall hanging display case. If you have a larger collection we recommend our six shelf cabinet. Five shelves are adjustable to suit your collection needs. All of our display cases come with a glass door to protect your geodes from any dust or unwanted handling. 


Check back for regular posts on tips for displaying collectibles. Order your geode or curio display case online today!

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