Tips for Displaying Your Collectibles

If you think thrifting and antiquing are reserved only for middle-aged woman, you need to think again! This popular pastime has been on the rise since early 2000s and appeals to a vast target audience. Goodwill Industries reported back in 2012 that there was an 83% increase in revenue from 2007-2012. With the growing target audience and increased interest in finding quirky collectibles, there have been a lot of inquiries about how to best display these items. We have some tips that’ll help you display and preserve your collectibles in unique and visually pleasing ways.


The backdrop is an easily forgotten piece when creating the right atmosphere for your keepsakes. It shouldn’t interfere or take away attention from the pieces; instead, it should complement them. Use a contrasting color to really highlight the collection! For example: a black backdrop for white plates.

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Using patterns is also a fun way to showcase your collectibles. Try using patterned paper instead of wallpaper to save yourself time and money!


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Consider Lighting

Lighting is a subtle way to get your viewer to focus on exactly what you want while adding extra dimension to the room. Use light from either underneath, behind or above your collection to create that desired spotlight. Tip: First use a flashlight or for tighter areas, your built-in cell phone light, to see what lighting would work best for you. LED lights are easy to install and are great for shelving displays (Ikea offers some inexpensive options.) If you want to add a little more pizzazz to your keepsakes, consider colored lighting!

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Keep Them Safe!

Protect your items from dust and wandering hands by presenting them behind a glass door. Invest in preserving your investment by purchasing cabinetry that was specifically designed for such use. An array of curio display cases can be found on our website. Made with natural hardwood, real glass and brass accents, a Fine Wood curio display case will highlight and protect all of your collectibles.

Image: One of our 5 shelf curio display cabinets!

Group Like-Minded Pieces Together

If your collection is eclectic and consists of varying pieces, you can create order by grouping like-minded pieces together. Grouping items by color or similar patterns will create unity even though shape and size could vary.

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Spacing your items in unique ways will also create an aesthetically pleasing sense of space and balance.

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Don’t let your treasures go unnoticed! Create the perfect home for them through the proper use of backdrop, lighting, proper shelving and arrangement of pieces. 

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