What to Look For In Quality Display Cases

When it comes to display cabinets people tend to go cheap, thinking it will save them money, but in fact it ends up costing them more because they have to replace it in a few years. At Fine Wood Displays we pride ourselves on making the highest quality real wood display cabinets. To better explain the superior benefits to using real wood, we wanted to dedicate a blog to helping your find a display case that’s made with quality. Here’s what to look for. 


What is ‘Hardwood’?

Before we get started, you might be asking, “wait, what exactly is hardwood and how is it different from softwood?” Hardwood doesn’t just mean wood that is ‘hard,’ it refers to the wood that comes from a deciduous tree such as oak, ash, or beech. Softwood comes from a conifer tree that typically remains evergreen, whereas deciduous trees lose leaves annually. Hardwoods tend to grow slower, making them denser than softwood.  

Woods to Avoid

As you can see, hardwood is a great material to use in display cabinets because it’s sturdy and not to mention has the beautiful glow of natural wood that you just can’t get from cheap low-grade wood. Some common woods that you will find in cheap display cases are particleboard, pressed wood and fiberboard. All of these woods are ones to avoid as they are flimsy and won’t stand the test of time.  

Veneers: Good or Bad?

Veneer is a thin slice of wood that is typically glued onto another panel to make cabinets, doors, and other furniture. Often times it is used with low-quality wood like particle board or fiberboard to make it appear nicer. However, sometimes veneer is used on a base piece that is solid wood. The only real drawback is that it will limit the number of times the piece can be refinished. So, is it good or bad for display cabinets? It all depends on the base piece and if you want to stain it in the future. When shopping at fwdisplay.com for a shot glass display cabinet or other items, you can choose to have a veneer back, felt back, or glass back. If you have an idea for a different style of back, let us know! We love making custom display cases to fit your needs.   

Quality Seal

Last but certainly not least, is the type of material that seals the display case. Depending on the collection will determine the grade. At Fine Wood Displays we use glass in all of our display cabinets. If you have a collection that is delicate to sunlight and exposure, we offer a 98% UV blocking Plexiglas for an up charge. Plexiglass is great for antique collections that are sensitive. If you have a collection that you would like to deter people from opening, like one of our liquor and shot glass display cabinets, we also offer a latch and lock. 

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