Display Cabinets

What can you do with a display cabinet? The main feature is to highlight and compliment a collection while protecting it at the same time. Display cabinets increase the functionality of your collection while keeping it organized in one place. Our selection of cabinets at Fine Wood Displays come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and can even be customized to your own specifications. Display cabinets shouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead act as a piece of the collection as well. 

Display cabinet styles

With our display cabinets, the style possibilities are endless. Choose your hardwood type from walnut, cherry, oak, maple and hickory. We offer different styles of backing from wood, felt and glass. We even offer a hinged lock to keep your collection protected. If you can’t find a display case for your needs, custom build your own! At Fine Wood Displays we are certain we can make the display cabinet of your dreams.

What can you use a display cabinet for?

We make display cabinets for all types of occasions. Whether you have a special shot glass collection to display or are a retailer and need to showcase your products, we make cabinets designed with YOU in mind. Some of our other popular display cabinets are our geode display and marathon medal display. Shop through our product line to see the many different varieties of collections we can make display cases for. Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can create your own custom display!  

Why choose a display cabinet from Fine Wood Displays?

As you browse the web for display cases and cabinets, you will often notice that most of them look exactly alike even though they are sold from different shops. This is because they are imports from China and made from the same cheap materials in the same factory. At Fine Wood Displays we don’t believe in this business model. We believe that your display case should be as unique as your collection and as high-quality as your valuables. Our display cases are different than most online cabinet makers because they are hand-made from high quality hardwood, in our shop, right here in Eugene, Oregon! Our commitment to quality runs through every feature from the hand-selected hardwood to the durable natural finish. You won’t find display cabinets like this anywhere else! 

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