Geode Display Cases

What is a geode?

Geodes are rock formations that are found in sedimentary and volcanic rocks that are formed by chemical precipitation. Their outer shell is round and very earthlike, but once opened, the hollow interior is lined with crystals. You can find these beautiful rocks in dessert areas like California, Nevada, Arizona, Iowa and Utah, but they are certainly not limited to these areas. Most people get their geode collections from rock stores, conventions, or online. Recently, geodes have become extremely popular for people to display in their homes.

Geode display options 

One of our specialties here at Fine Wood Displays is making display cases for geodes and other rock formations. We’ve found that rocks and other minerals have become very prized and common collections and so we devote our time and skills to making display cases to compliment that. When you order one of our geode display cases, you can choose whether or not you want to mount the case on the wall or have it sit on a desk or counter-top. You can also keep your geode collection safe by getting a display case with a high-quality door latch and lock. 

The perfect compliment 

Choosing the right venue for your geodes to be displayed in can be easier said than done. Sure you can stick them on a shelf or in a box but why not give them the attention they deserve? Our hardwood mineral and geode display cases are handmade and crafted to perfection. Choose from walnut, cherry, oak or maple wood to be transformed into an amazing wall hanging display case. If you have a larger collection we recommend our six shelf cabinet. Five shelves are adjustable to suit your collection needs. All of our display cases come with a glass door to protect your geodes from any dust or unwanted handling. If you have any specifications for your geode display case, no problem! At Fine Wood Displays you can customize any of our display cabinets or build one yourself with our custom build form

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