Shot Glass Display Cabinets

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One of our most popular display cases is our shot glass display cabinet. Being in the cabinet making industry, we have found that shot glasses are a very common collection. In many cases, shot glasses are a souvenir or token of a trip, place, or experience. At Fine Wood Displays we firmly believe that every collection should be displayed in a venue that’s as valuable as the contents within. Whether your shot glass collection is from a trip or commemorates a movie, complement those cherished memories with a hand-crafted fine wood display case that’s made here in the USA!

Shot Glass Display Styles

Choose from our large cabinets for displaying fine liquor bottles or our smaller shelved cabinets for displaying shot glasses. What about both? We highly recommend our small two shelf liquor cabinet. This display case can house 4 normal-sized bottles and it includes a smaller shelf to display shot glasses. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our shot glass section, then custom-build your own! Unlike most businesses, we love accommodating custom orders and would love to bring life to your vision.

Fine Wood Quality

All of our shot glass display cabinets are made from solid real wood. We never use cheap imports like most other sellers. The availability of diverse beautiful wood is staggering. We typically use Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut wood species. Other woods available for custom orders include Hickory, Alder, African Mahogany, and Sapele. You can also choose from a wood, felt or mirror interior background. The possibilities for customization are endless! We build display cases to last a lifetime, and you can see that in every product we sell. Don’t buy just any shot glass display cabinet; buy one that is designed with you in mind, at Fine Wood Displays!  

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